Google Giving Free Python Course: Enroll Now

Google provides many free courses on its various platforms. Today, we will talk about one of its most famous courses i.e. Free Python course.

It is available on the developers’ platform of Google and can be accessed easily without signing in/signup.

In graduation from college, we all need to learn a programming language. Most of the time it’s C or C++.

But, do you know that the most in-demand programming language is Python programming language.

Python is: – Easy to learn – Beginner friendly – Big support from the Python community

Google itself uses Python for the backend and other administration tools. In this course, you will learn everything about basic Python.

This course is best for absolute beginners. It is present in simple UI on Google’s developer website so it’s easy to read and learn.

Also, there are exercises available so that you can test your learning after finishing the topics.

To help you with your doubts while learning, Google has created this GCU(Google Code University).