Las Vegas isn't betting on Mother Nature to solve its water problems.

For a city in the desert, water conservation must be a way of life. The need to save every drop has intensified in Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas knows the stakes are high, and it isn't gambling on Mother Nature to solve its water problems.

Instead, the city is betting  on extreme water-saving measures to keep the taps flowing. Here's how it intends to win.

Las Vegans are no longer allowed to build giant swimming pools or spas at single-family homes.

Most of the Water Authority's conservation efforts focus on outdoor water. But indoor water can be recycled.

There are also limitations on swimming pool size for the resorts based on the number of hotel rooms and guests they serve.

Watering grass "is the least efficient way" we can use water, Mack said.

The Water Authority also has a rotating watering schedule based on the time of the year.

When Mother Nature makes it rain, Las Vegas goes all in.