The 48-year-old pop star showed up in the Spanish city back in August to play his most memorable electronic music gig

And keeping in mind that he had any desires for imitating the progress of Happy Mondays star Bez yet wound up Googling what to say while he was live in front of an audience.

So I turned up at my clench hand electronic dance music gig, in Ibiza at a spot called 528.

I thought what planned to happen when I did this dance project was that

I planned to be a group of people part yet in front of an audience I simply thought I planned to be the Bez of this undertaking, meander around, flows, you know.

What really happened when I went up to the principal gig was 2,000 individuals confronted

the stage and just took a gander at me, scarcely any development and it was so off-kilter, so abnormal.

The 'Holy messengers' hitmaker proceeded to add that while he was at first sure at the possibility of the gig,

he was shocked when he understood he would play in a space that looked like a "cloakroom.

Talking on the 'Changes' webcast, he told have Annie Mac: "I was unable to accept how abnormal it was! It wasa a shock, a shock.